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Deadrep Clothing is about expression. It’s about coping. It’s about inspiring. It’s about finding a way to feel your worth. If you've ever felt like you're the freak, or the outcast, or the one who doesn't fit in; we stand for you. If you feel lonely when you're in a room full of people; we stand for you.

We stand for you, because we know what it's like. But we don't need everyone, because we have each other. Welcome to the Deadrep Family, where you are loved and valued beyond explaination.

COVID-19: We ask for your patience and understanding during a very difficult time for all of us. Government regulations and necessary safety measures mean that there may be a delay in the shipping of orders. Rest assured that we are committed to getting every order shipped as quickly as possible for as long as it is safe and legal for us to do so. We appreciate your patience, understanding, and continued support. We'll get through this together!

FAQs & Policies

How do I place an order?

Simply choose your favourite DeadRep Designs, select your size and colour preference (where applicable) and then Add To Cart. You can view a snapshot of your cart by clicking on the Cart icon. Enter the full view of your cart, check over your order, select your ideal payment method and that's it!

Payment and Shipping

Please note that shipping and handling fees are included in the final price shown before checkout. Please note that DeadRep Clothing does not hold responsability for sending items to an in-correctly given address and no refund is appliable for this. Worldwide shipping available.

Secure ordering & payment options

Payment can be made securely via debit/credit card, or via PayPal.

Returns & Refunds



Items may be returned if proven to be faulty, damaged or the in-correct size. A photographic inventory is taken before each order is shipped, for our own protection.



Refunds can be made in the form of a monitary refund to the value of the item, or the option of selecting another product of the same or a lesser price.

(Note: Only one item may be chosen in exhange for another.)